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Busting the Headlines

Brad Pitt Revealing All About His Marriage Breakdown?




Fake news alert — the article you are about to read is debunking another fabricated story. 

Straight Shuter, a podcast owned by the same company as National Enquirer, Globe, Star and RadarOnline, has boasted about Brad Pitt allegedly being interviewed by Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook podcast, Red Table Talk. 

During this supposed interview, Rob Shuter, host of the Straight Shuter podcast, states Brad “is in talks to do a big, big, big sit-down interview. The first one he’s done since the divorce, since the breakup with Angelina Jolie,”

Since their split, both have kept their private life out of the mainstream media, but that hasn’t prevented tabloids creating headlines to anchor clickbait and seemingly, podcasters are following this method.


Brad’s representative says it “makes no sense” and “he will never dish on her in public and certainly not on a podcast,”.

There you have it, close enough to the horses mouth, Brad won’t be sitting down for a reveal all interview.