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Cardi B Slams NYPD: “F*** You … Suck A Fart & Suffocate,”



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Cardi B is raging over the New York Police Department allegedly closing down her friends’ back-to-school event. 

The Bodak Yellow rapper uploaded a video on Tuesday evening where she calls out the NYPD for their “bullying tactics” that led to her friend losing out on a school giveaway for children.

According to Cardi, the NYPD was tipped off about the event taking place later this month and allegedly called the school principal, ultimately scaring them into ceasing the charity event from taking place.

She says that it’s “f***** up,” and go on to say, “F*** you and motherf****** suck a fart and suffocate on it. F*** you!” and closes the video by sticking her middle finger up at the camera.


It’s unclear if the NYPD is going to make amends with those involved or if they will try and un-scare the principal.

You can watch the Cardi B rant here.

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