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Colleen Ballinger Put On Blast By Ex-Husband Joshua David Evans



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Colleen Ballinger’s ex-husband, Joshua David Evans, has uploaded a video detailing their split. 

The YouTube star and Colleen split in 2016 after a year of marriage, but he feels now is the time to express his feelings.

He said in the now deleted-video, “I’m making this video because I need to … I want to … to survive.

I have been living with so much anger, and pain, and confusion … I tried to be nice to people … I am done and I want to tell you guys the real story,”


Joshua, now married to Pamela Rose Rodriquez, continues by saying, “I never told anybody on the Internet the truth. My family knows what Colleen did, my friends know what Colleen did … my world knows. If you look at my life a couple of years ago, I had so many YouTuber friends and then when everything hit the fan, who left?

My YouTuber friends. Who stayed in my life? People that are not driven by YouTube or fame or numbers or how do you affect my image… My real friends are still here. I loved those people, I loved Madaline, Jimmy, Matt Slays… I mean, I could list a lot more but I’m not going to get into it too much.

I’m ready to at least fight for myself, and by fighting for myself, I’m going to start talking the truth. You can like or dislike this, comment ‘Get off YouTube,’”

In the video, he discusses his plans to upload a series of videos that detail his marriage breakdown and former YouTube-friends, mentioning the likes of Shane Dawson.


A re-uploaded version of Joshua’s video surfaced on Thursday that can be seen here.

Colleen has a Netflix comedy special under her character name Miranda Sings titled Miranda Sings Live. Her YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers and she gave birth to her son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, in December 2018.

She hasn’t responded to the video nor acknowledged the existence of it.

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