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Harvey Weinstein Emails Media For Help



? David Shankbone

Harvey Weinstein has taken to emailing the media in order to have a platform to speak on.

The accused studio mogul who’s facing a New York City rape case, contacted a few journalists that he once worked alongside during his days as a producer, and it seems he’s asking for an impartial platform to speak on in relation to his ongoing case.

In his email he says, “Dear [REDACTED], I’ve had one hell of a year… the worst nightmare of my life.

As you can see from these articles, the police have played a very difficult role in my investigation. All 3 police officers have either been retired, or repositioned from the SVU.


The articles are self explanatory, but I’d like to speak to you on the phone if you have some time. There is more to this story… I appreciate your confidentiality. Have a read of these articles. I wish I didn’t have to ask, but I’d be very appreciative of your time. Best, Harvey,”.

We have contacted a source close to Harvey, and will update you on a response.