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John Krasinski & Steve Carell Reunite For ‘Some Good News’ Marking The 15th Anniversary Of ‘The Office’




A Quiet Place creator John Krasinski and The Morning Show star Steve Carell reunite for Some Good News marking the 15th anniversary of The Office.

Krasinski has launched a brand new internet web-show called Some Good News, or SGN for short, where he discusses topics that are perhaps overlooked due to the COVID-19 crisis.

He asked his social media followers to send topics they have discovered to provide some positivity into the world amid a global spread of coronavirus. In a surprise appearance, Carell joins John via a webcam feed where the two reminisce about their time filming The Office.

The show ended in 2013 with over 200 episodes airing on NBC after launching on March 24, 2005; the pair reunited to celebrate the best moments of the series to mark the 15th anniversary. During a discussion where both actors become emotional over particular scenes, Krasinski addresses a reunion rumour that has circulated over recent months.


Current circumstances are preventing production of any show from taking place due to social distancing being the main focus to ensure the spread of a silent-killer disease is kept to a minimum. It would seem that an intended reunion is merely a passing thought as the original cast are busy working on other projects outside of NBC‘s diary.

John is anxiously awaiting the green-light from Hollywood executives to announce a new release date for his second instalment of A Quiet Place that was due to hit cinemas earlier this month, but was scrapped due to international cinema closures. Steve is also in limbo as production for Apple TV+’s The Morning Show began just weeks before the doors were closed to a majority of film studios across the world.

In the hopeful sense of a generalised reunion of the original The Office cast, Krasinski says, “I know everybody is talking about a reunion, hopefully one day we just get to reunite as people and just all get to say hi

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