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Crime Boss & Film Financer John ‘Sonny’ Franzese Sr. Has Died At 103



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John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, Sr., known for being an organised crime dealer for over 40 years, has died at 103. 

The Colombo crime boss has been in an out of prison all of his life, and in 1967 was sentenced to 50 years for bank robbery.

Fortunately enough for him, in 1978, he was paroled but later returned in 2006 after revealing to a secret government informant that he would nail polish his fingertips before murdering someone to avoid leaving fingerprints or DNA at the scene of a crime — one in which he carried out and was prosecuted for.

During his prison stints, Franzese would invest money into films, including the porn movie Deep Throat and helped finance The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


In June 2017, he was the oldest federal inmate in the United States of America, aged 100, before being released for one last time.

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