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Kel Mitchell Announces He and Kenan Thompson Want To Make “Good Burger” Sequel



? Luke Ford

Kids of the 1990s, get ready for some potentially exciting news… because if you have any form of nostalgia about shows you watched back in the day, Kenan and Kel could make a return.

Kel Mitchell has spoken about his idea of Good Burger the sequel and he wants the stars from the original case of All That to be involved. 

Amanda Bynes has recently announced she plans to return to acting making this a great opportunity to please the 90s fans of the show, alongside Nick Cannon, if he were to also agree — the prospect of it happening is certainly exciting. 

According to Kel, he claims the idea of a sequel came form the sketch him and Kenan Thompson did for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


One problem though, he believes the reason a sequel hasn’t changed from a dream is due to the hierarchy over at Nickelodeon.

Would you welcome a sequel, or has the expiry date been and gone?