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Kris Jenner’s Alleged Stalker Back On The Streets



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A woman accused of stalking Kris Jenner has been released from federal prison. 

According to legal documents, Christina Bankston, the accused, has been released from jail on March 29, 2019.

In 2017, she was accused of stalking Kris and even gaining access to Kourtney Kardashian’s emails by means of hacking. Allegedly, she hacked into Kris’ social media accounts and emails and sent her threatening text messages.

Christina was released after prosecutors requested the judge dismiss the indictment and release her from custody — the charges were dismissed without prejudice — which means they could refile charges in the future.


The following day, a judge signed off on the request and Christina was released with immediate effect.

According to legal documents, seen by unCrazed, the history of alleged stalking goes back to 2014 when Christina alleged went into the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2014 and told them about a suicide attempt at Kris’ home, which turned out to be a false report when law enforcement responded to the address.