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Lindsay Lohan Sued Again For Owing Former Driver $40,000



? Instagram/Lindsay Lohan/unCrazed Composite

Lindsay Lohan has a reoccurring lawsuit with her former driver after he claims she hasn’t paid him money that he’s allegedly owed. 

In 2015, the former driver, Edson Ricci, sued Lindsay, claiming she owed him $27,839.18 in unpaid car services, plus a hotel bill. He won the lawsuit in 2017 by default mainly due to the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club star not responding, but is saying that she hasn’t paid up and has sued her again.

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, Edson is claiming that originally she owed him $43,900 and only paid some of the debt — leaving an outstanding balance of $41,563.60.

Lindsay recently walked away from her MTV reality show after she believes the producers were asking too much and wanted to create fake drama to captivate the audience into watching next weeks episode.


She has confirmed to friends that season 2 won’t be taking place, and it has been her decision to cancel the production. MTV was also against filming at her new beach club in Athens, which she opens this summer with business partners, giving her another reason to move away from the series.

An unreliable source attempted to give us information that suggested her series would be retitled and given to another celebrity-star, but we are able to confirm this is untrue.

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