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Maren Morris Opens Up About Marriage With Ryan Hurd




Maren Morris has opened up about her marriage to fellow country singer and songwriter Ryan Hurd.

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for the 2022 CMT Music Awards, Morris admitted the couple had endured a few “hard” years but added they could “make it through anything.”

“We’ve had years where it’s been hard, and we are still trying to find that – I think we are better now at finding the balance of time and work time.”

She continued, “We are better at standing our ground on personal life than we used to be because I think we earned it now, but no, we have our struggles, but I think that we love each other.”


“I will always support his dream, his songwriter dream and vice versa,” she explained. “So I know we can kinda make it through anything, because this is a tough industry to stay married in and even find love in so, I feel like, we hit the jackpot so everything else is like clear skies.”

Morris performed her first live rendition of Can’t Love You Anymore alongside her husband during last night’s ceremony.

Describing the song as a depiction of her “weird ass love story” with Hurd, Morris called their relationship “easy”.

“We’ve been together so long, we have a song that’s two now so, we have our moments for sure that aren’t rainbows and sunshine, but we just laugh our way through it because we know we are gonna be in this till the end, and we better get it together.”


Though Morris did not take home any trophies, her song Circles Around This Town received two nominations for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year.

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