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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Streaming Service ‘HBO Max’ For Removing ‘Gone With The Wind’




Megyn Kelly has taken a stance against streaming service HBO Max amid the removal of Gone with the Wind.

The former Fox News and Today host called out the platform suggesting if Gone with the Wind is removed, shows like Friends and Game of Thrones should be next to get the axe.

She said, “Are we going to pull all the movies in which women are treated as sex objects too? Guess how many films we’ll have left? Where does this end?” furthering, “Every episode of Friends needs to go right now. If not, you hate women (& LGTBQ people, who also don’t fare well on Friends). Obviously Game of Thrones has to go right now. Anything by John Hughes… Woody Allen… could go on & on… & on…& on…”

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