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PornHub Releases Stats Following Government Shutdown



? PornHub

It’s okay, we didn’t know what PornHub was either until this very moment…

Number one porn website (that isn’t an unCrazed testimonial) PornHub, has released their statistics amid the government shutdown.

Late-night searches have risen up to 14% above average with afternoon (typical working hours) traffic increasing by almost 7% above their average.

Washington, D.C., in particular, the White House, has closed if you weren’t already aware. On the other hand (pun), PornHub’s D.C. traffic has taken a beating (pun) — Hub has insinuated the following increase could mean government workers are keen on these searches:

  • “Outdoor” increased by 71%
  • “Threesome” increased by 66%
  • “Old/Young” increased by 60%

There’s more, but those are the highest searched — between the dates of January 7 to 11, 2019.

Somewhat, interesting. What’s your favourite search?