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Post Malone’s Jet Emergency Landing Details Uncovered



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In August 2018, Post Malone’s private jet made an emergency landing in New York. 

According to a report by the FAA, safety procedures were ignored that ultimately led to the plane forcefully landing, and the tyres exploding.

Post was heading to London when pilots noticed one of the doors hadn’t been properly closed, and for safety reasons, landed the plane.

A second attempt to travel from New York to London commenced, but this time the far-left tyres exploded and forced the plane to make another emergency landing — but the plane required fuel to burn to ensure any unnecessary weight be removed, so they circled New York City for several hours.


According to the FAA, the tyres were overdue for maintenance and the reason for them exploding was due to the plane being excessively heavy, with overweight in baggage, 1 flight attendant, 2 pilots and 12 passengers, this was all too much for the plane to handle.

It doesn’t get better, the entire plane was overdue maintenance by over 50 hours, and the report also states the safety procedures after the first landing wasn’t followed either, as the brakes need time to cool down, and the pilots’ 30-minute wait wasn’t long enough.

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