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Seth Rogen Learned His Parents Still Have Sex … Now Twitter’s Trolling Him



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Seth Rogen should remain off social media for a while because his worst nightmare has come to life.

The 37-year-old has just discovered that his parents still have sex — shocking — and commenters on social media are ripping into Seth about the whole situation.

Sandy Rogen, his mother, posted on Twitter, “Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don’t have germs.” 3…2…1

“Dear Seth, Today is not the day to check in on Moms Twitter.” one user advised. Another said, “ma’am your son follows you on this website.”


A commenter stepped in and put the myth to rest, saying, “Husband lies. Sex is good. Kissing is no good. #Germs.”

Sandy and Mark Rogen have been married for decades, with Seth’s father working for non-profit organisations.

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