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Tom Arnold And Ashley Groussman Are Calling It Quits



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Tom Arnold and his wife, Ashley Groussman, are ending their marriage almost 10 years after tying the knot.

The pair got married in November 2009 and have two children together; Jax and Quinn.

Tom and Ashley have been together almost 11 years, and were quick to get married after meeting. Tom announced the split during an interview on Monday with Us Weekly, saying, “It’s a long time coming and we have been together for almost 11 years… and [I am] very grateful. I have many good years. I have my children because of my wife,”.

He explained that Ashley has moved out of their family home.


Tom continued, “She has one life and she gets to live it exactly the way … the same thing with everybody. And I think it’s hard… sometimes in our society, people put things on. Especially women, they can feel guilty… And I kept saying Hey, listen… you have done everything. We’ve been together. You’ve been amazing. There doesn’t have to be a reason. There doesn’t have to be a bad guy”.

Their split has been amicable according to a source connected to the family.