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Wanda Sykes Says Chris Rock Apologised To Her After Oscars Show




Oscars co-host Wanda Sykes says she was left “sickened” after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during Sunday night’s ceremony.

Sykes made her hosting debut at the 94th Academy Awards, joined by Amy Schumer and Regina Hall.

Addressing the dramatic events of the evening during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian described the reaction backstage.

“I just saw Will leaving the stage and everything was quiet. I’m like, ‘What happened? What happened?’. Everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’ And then Will just starts cursing from his seat, ‘Keep my wife’s name,’ or whatever.”


She continues, “I was just like… is this really happening? And then someone showed me the video and was like, ‘Yeah, he smacked Chris.’”

“I just felt so awful for my friend, Chris. And it was sickening. I physically felt ill and I’m still a little traumatised by it.” She adds, “I know he apologised to Chris, but I believe that you know, we were the hosts. So, ‘This is our house. We’re inviting you in, we’re hosts, we’re going to take care of y’all tonight. Make sure you have a good time.’ And no one has apologised to us.”


“We worked really hard to put that show together. So… I’m just like the industry itself, I’m like, ‘What the hell is this?’ It’s just wrong.”

Sykes went on to say that she encountered Rock at an afterparty following the ceremony and was surprised when he attempted to apologise to her.

“As I walked up to him, the first thing he said when I saw him was, ‘I am so sorry.’ I’m like, ‘Why are you apologising?’ He was like, ‘It was supposed to be your night. You and Amy and Regina, y’all were doing such a great job. I’m so sorry this is now gonna be about this.’ Because that’s who Chris is.”

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