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50 Cent Fan Antagonises Young Buck Over Money Owed



? Keith HInkle/unCrazed Composite

50 Cent has recently been chasing people for the money owed to him, and it has become very public. 

In his efforts to be a self-proclaimed debt collector, the I’m The Man rapper has embarked on calling out people that owe him money via social media, namely those with celebrity status.

One of those celebrities is Young Buck, and they have been locked in a feud for a while now, as Cent claims he’s owed $300,000 from Young.

In a video that has since been deleted, a fan stepped in to confront Buck on the money he supposedly owes 50. The video shows a fan approach the former friend of 50 whilst he and a woman that accompanied him are shopping in a store.


The unknown man is politely asked by Young to stop filming and put the camera away, but he continued and disregarded the request. As the fan of 50 continued to harass Buck, he stated he had “something in the car” if he didn’t stop antagonising him.

It would seem that 50 believes the situation went too far because the video has since been deleted but archives surfaced shortly after the incident took place.

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