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Taking the crazy out of Hollywood

unCrazed – a coined word that aims to become a house-hold name when referring to entertainment news and celebrity interviews.

The phrase speaks for itself; taking the crazy out of the n̶e̶w̶s̶ content that lands within your newsfeed. The way in which clickbait content strives to grab your attention makes finding trusted sources for your browsing habits increasingly difficult – we are here to provide clean, trusted content.

Gossip and rumours provide a fundamental element to news sources in order to grab the attention of an unsuspected reader but that doesn’t mean anyone should become victim to fake news. Our sources are organic and content that is published will always be verified before it becomes available.

Life’s wonders – summing up the rationale behind unCrazed

Hollywood, and the likes of, see the faces on television and magazine covers, but once the media frenzy of the popular show or band has subsided, where do those famous faces disappear? One moment their name is mentioned everywhere and the next, gone.

Similar to unCrazed, the phrase speaks for itself; the burdening thought of where your once favourite musician, actor or television personality has disappeared to can be answered by landing on the homepage of this site.