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Aaron Carter Threatens Perez Hilton & Desires Punching Him ‘In The Face’




Aaron Carter is going on a hunt for Perez Hilton and threatened to assault him during an Instagram Live.

The 32-year-old I Want Candy singer was collaborating on social media with his supporters during a live stream when Hilton became a talking point.

During the stream, Carter made it clear that he dislikes the controversial gossip blogger and father of three and went further to suggest that Perez is working for Aaron‘s brother Nick Carter.

The singer goes on to express his thoughts on the TMI: My Life in Scandal writer, saying, “His nose is so far up my brothers a** apparently, that he’s got s*** on it … don’t get too close to Perez Hilton‘s face, he smells like poop. And now he’s trying to act, like, he’s all nice and doesn’t put smear things on people’s face … f*** you Perez, you’re a little b****,”


Carter then goes on to threaten the podcast host, suggesting, “I’ll f****** punch you in the face!” – the singer continues to say that “nobody” likes his content anymore, saying, “You’re done bud,”

unCrazed spoke to Hilton and he tells us, “I sincerely hope that Aaron Carter gets the help he needs. It’s obvious to most of us. It’s obvious to his family. Unfortunately, he has a group of fans that are enablers and financially supporting him. They’re not helping. We can all see the writing on the wall and where his future is heading. He has the power to change that! Hopefully, before he or anyone else gets hurt.”

Watch the video here.

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