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Adam McKay Responds To ‘Don’t Look Up’ Criticism




Don’t Look Up creator, Adam McKay, has responded to criticism of the Netflix original. 

Despite becoming one of the streaming platforms most successful movies, it has still received mix reviews from viewers.

The environmental satire is merely subjective to what people find funny, says McKay.

“Comedy is always subjective,” he said, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today. “Certain people are going to think things are too funny or silly or not care for them so that’s built in.”


“You’re never going to make a movie to appeal to everyone.”

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, McKay reveals that he wanted the movie to portray a sense of urgency about the current climate crisis.

“The idea behind it was ‘How do we get this urgency out there?’

“The science is telling us that the problem is happening right now and it’s far worse than we thought. I felt like laughter was a good way to go because if you’re laughing then you inherently have some perspective.”


Don’t Look Up is now available to stream now on Netflix.

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