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Adam Vinatieri Announces His Retirement From The NFL



Former New England Patriot Adam Vinatieri announced on The Pat McAfee Show that after 24 seasons in the NFL, he is retiring.

Vinatieri’s final season was in 2019 and his performance was notably worse than in previous years.

Suffering a knee injury at the end of 2019, he was placed in the reserves for the Indianapolis Colts and went unsigned in 2020.

The 48-year-old is widely considered the greatest kicker of all time.


He holds several records including the highest number of career field goals, points scored and consecutive field goals made.

Making the announcement on his show, Pat McAfee congratulated Adam Vinatieri on his “legendary” career.

“In a game that revolves around the score, that’s how they pick winners and losers, is in a game where they keep score.”


“To be the all time leading scorer in scoring sport, I think many would say – hell of a f****** job.”

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