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Shania Twain Reveals Personal Journey, New Role As Mentor In Interview




In a recent interview with InStyle, Shania Twain shared her personal journey of overcoming the challenges to her singing career after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and undergoing two “open-throat” surgeries.

The country music legend also opened up about her role as a mentor to other artists and her new perspective on her career.

Speaking about her recovery process, Shania said: “It was a connection to the vocal cords and it came out very easily. I was really, really, really excited.” She also revealed that her new voice has its own set of challenges, saying “It’s easier for me to make loud sounds than it is to make soft sounds. When the air is dry, it’s harder to get that resonance.”

Shania also spoke about her new attitude towards her career, saying “I’m not as worried as I was when I was younger. I’m a professional. I want things to be great. I want to be as perfect as I can be as a professional, but I’m not a perfect person. I sound different. I look different and I’m OK with that. I’m fearless in that way and that motivates me.”


The singer also shared her thoughts on mentoring other artists and passing on her experiences, saying “Artists will ask for advice or will share stories and I feel a little bit like an aunt in a way. It sort of makes me feel auntie-ish, which I like. I enjoy it. I’m a nurturing person and I like to share my experiences.”

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