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Addison Rae Talks About The Struggles Of Social Media




Tik Tok star Addison Rae, confessed in an episode of the ‘That Was Fun?‘ podcast, that there are times she wants to “quit everything”, but “the good things” keep her going.

Rae has over 81 million followers on Tik Tok, making her the second most followed person on the platform behind Charli D’Amelio, with 117.4 million. Rae also has 38.2 million on Instagram.

Her comments came while discussing some of her frustrations with social media.

“People feel like they know you because you put so much of yourself out there on the internet.” Said Rae.” But it’s like, for them to just judge your character off of photos and videos I do is so weird to me.”


“People were just like, getting mad at what I said – not mad at it, but mad at me for not saying it soon enough for them.” She went on, referring to comments she’d received on a recent post. “It’s just annoying because I don’t want to sit here and have to explain to anyone – like I don’t have to.”

“I don’t need to be on here and be like ‘hey guys, so this is what happened in my private life’. I don’t need to do that but it’s like, reading people literally getting so mad at me for saying one sentence.”

“It’s really hard. It’s a struggle. But it’s just like, I cry and then I remember like, the good things about it.” Rae continued. “Sometimes I’m like ‘ugh I just want to quit everything’, like I really do think that and I’m like, ‘I just want to stop. I just want to delete all my social medias and stop’.”


“But then I was thinking about the movie and I was thinking about the music and writing and I was like ‘why would I give that up? Because I love that so much’.”

Addison Rae is currently branching out from her social media fame. Earlier in the year she debuted her first single, ‘Obsessed‘, and is also starring in the Netflix film ‘He’s All That‘, set to release on August 27.

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