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Adidas Launch New Sports Bra Collection For All Breast Types




Adidas is once again showing up for women in sport.

The sports company has announced an extensive sports bra collection that will offer a range of different styles and sizes.

Not only is it about offering new products, but it is equally about acknowledging the differences in women’s bodies and not confining them to one style.

Their new sports range will contain forty-three styles, allowing everyone to find ‘the right fit for them’.

“There is a sizable data gap when it comes to sports bra development, so we worked with experts in breast health, University of Portsmouth, to challenge ourselves and drive forward our innovation to better meet the needs of our female athletic community,” said senior direct of product Amy Charlton.


Wearing the wrong sports for a specific event can impact performance and efficiency, prompting Adidas to revamp their range.

She adds: “We hope this collection will help more sports bra wearers experience the benefits of added support and a better fit, and not be held back when doing the sports they love.”

As well as its different styles, the range will cover seventy-three sizes across eighteen product franchises.

The full range will launch entirely on February 14.


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