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Alec Baldwin Claims He Never Hit Anyone In Car Park Fight



Alec Baldwin
? © Carrienelson1/ Composite

Alec Baldwin is adamant that he never punched, or attempted to punch, on anyone in his alleged car parking spot-fight. 

According to the legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, his attorneys, Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, are now claiming there’s video evidence showing that Alec didn’t punch, or even attempt to punch, Wojciech Cieszkowski.

Their claim of video surveillance footage does, however, point out that Alec “lightly taps” Wojciech’s chest. It goes further; in the documentation, Alec says Wojciech’s medical records even go against his allegation, as according to the documents, there were no injuries suffered.

We spoke to a source close to the matter, and they are telling us that Alec wants the case out of court.


During an appearance on The Ellen Show, he openly discussed the parking spot incident — which Wojciech has sued him for in relation to “sander” and “ruining his reputation”.