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Alec Baldwin Will Not Be Charged In Shooting Of ‘Rust’ Director Joel Souza




Actor Alec Baldwin will not face charges for the shooting of Rust director Joel Souza, despite being hit by the same bullet that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The Santa Fe District Attorney’s Office has stated that there is no crime in relation to the Souza incident, as it was an “unintentional battery” and no such thing exists. The case against Baldwin is rooted in alleged recklessness.

The announcement that Alec will be charged with manslaughter for the death of Halyna has received a lot of criticism.

Douglas Stewart, who appeared on TMZ Live Friday and said he has been on movie sets with guns for decades and never has an actor checked the chamber of a gun. Stewart says they rely on experts – the armorer.


If the case goes to trial, Baldwin‘s lawyers will likely argue that the actor followed long-standing custom, which would not constitute recklessness. There is also criticism that the D.A. will be charging Baldwin because of his executive producer role in the movie. Alec is expected to be formally charged for Hutchins‘ death by the end of the month.

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