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Alfonso Ribeiro Sues Fortnite and NBA 2K For Stealing His Carlton Dance



? Alfonso Ribeiro

Former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, Alfonso Ribeiro, is suing the creators of the popular role-play game, Fortnite.

The actor, who played Carlton Banks in the show alongside Will Smith, claims the creators have completely ripped off his self-made Carlton Dance. He believes they are “unfairly profiting” from his dance that he was tasked to create back when the show was starting.

Alfonso said back in 2012 that he “stole” the dance from Courteney Cox and Eddie Murphy, but his attorney has responded to the resurfaced clip saying, “On numerous occasions, Mr Ribeiro has commented on his inspiration for the dance… he did not use the word ‘stole’ in the legal sense,”.

He’s not the only one though; Backpack Kid, real name Russell Horning, has persued a lawsuit saying they have stolen The Floss that he famously performed at Katy Perry’s spotlight on Saturday Night Live whilst she sung her song, Swish Swish.


Russell has shared a comment saying, “I’m just a teen having in life, I leave all that other stuff to the adults and management. I’m more focused on my EP dropping tomorrow and my birthday.” — fair comment.