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Amazon Say Woody Allen Was Fired For #MeToo Comments



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Amazon is adamant they never fired Woody Allen over allegations that he sexually assaulted his adopted daughter. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, Amazon is battling with Woody in a $68 million lawsuit in which Woody claims he was fired over the false allegation.

Part of the lawsuit sees Woody insisting that Amazon hand over documentation dating back to 2014 until now, “concerning Amazon’s knowledge of Mr. Allen’s “controversial” history.”

In their response to the lawsuit, Amazon is saying they did not fire Woody over the old sexual abuse allegations, but after his comments about the #MeToo movement and the response he gave to his daughter, Dylan Farrow, regarding accusations against him.


Their claim, “As Amazon has repeatedly made clear, it terminated its relationship with Plaintiffs based on Mr. Allen’s public statements in and after October 2017, in relation to the #MeToo movement, and the resulting refusal of talent to work with him, and not because of the “old” allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

Amazon‘s knowledge of that past controversy before entering into the MAA and SPAs is therefore irrelevant, and is uncontested in any event.”

A judge is yet to rule whether Amazon is required to search for such documents since it holds no bearing on the case.

Last year, his daughter Dylan wrote, “All Woody Allen’s latest antics demonstrate is desperation to salvage a now faltering career. His true feelings on [Harvey] Weinstein and MeToo were made evident in his initial reaction and defence of Weinstein.


Everything he says now is nothing more than calculated PR strategy in an attempt to undermine the credible allegations against him. We’re all wiser to that now and know the lengths powerful men will go to in order to demean and silence their victims.”

His son, Ronan Farrow, publicly said last year, “All I’m going to say about efforts to deflect from my sister’s allegation: Not worth saying much to dignify the repeated campaign to discredit my sister, often by attacking our mother.

This happens every time Dylan speaks, so this is all I’ll offer: my mother did an extraordinary job raising us, and none of my siblings with whom I’ve spoken ever witnessed anything but love and care from a single mom who went through hell to keep her kids safe.

Our brother Moses said the same thing in statements dating back many years. After relentless legal scrutiny of my mother’s parenting–and efforts to discredit her–she was granted sole custody to protect us from Woody Allen.


We all grew up with offers from him to speak out against our mother in exchange for support. (He made helping to pay for my college education contingent on turning against her and lying. I declined.)

My sister’s allegation is back by a significant body of credible evidence, including physical evidence and eyewitnesses to abuse. I hesitated to speak on this only because I didn’t want to draw attention to a smear campaign that has been running since Dylan’s paediatrician first called the police almost 30 years ago. I believe my sister.”

The case is ongoing and unCrazed will keep you updated.

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