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Amy Schumer Sent Personal Trainer Cease And Desist Letter: Here’s Why



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Amy Schumer dislikes working out that much she had Isaac Dunham, her lawyer, send a cease and desist to her personal trainer. 

During an episode of the 3 Girls, 1 Keith podcast, the comedian spoke about sending an official cease and desist letter to AJ Fisher.

She said, “I did have my lawyer, Isaac Dunham, send her a cease and desist,” to which Fisher knew it was all a joke, saying, “Amy told me after several of our sessions, ‘You will be hearing from my layer’ like, without even saying bye.

And then, when I finally heard from her lawyer, I opened the letter, and I actually got goosebumps. I had a moment of, ‘Was she serious? Is my career totally over?'”

The contents of the letter were revealed on Schumer’s Instagram, with statements from her attorneys saying it has come to their attention that Fisher has “forced Ms. Schumer to perform extreme and unduly punishing physical exercise well outside the bounds of normal physical training.”

It furthers to say, “Indeed Ms. Schumer has been unable to perform simple daily tasks like walking and picking up her child as a result of such ‘exercise,’ … Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer’s well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schymer emotional distress, potential physical injury and lose revenue. It may even be determined to be a violation of her human rights.”

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