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Andrew Garfield Opens Up On Why He Doesn’t Use Social Media




Whilst promoting an upcoming role, British actor and Mainstream star Andrew Garfield, opens up on why he doesn’t use social media.

Garfield is no stranger to playing a character in a social media focused movie, starring in 2010 The Social Network, a film inspired by the origins of the popular platform Facebook.

When speaking with Fox News regarding his new role in Mainstream where he will be playing a YouTube star, the actor opened up on the reasons why he isn’t on social media.

Garfield stated that he doesn’t think using social media would be “beneficial to my mental health.”


Adding that he has no real reason to use social media unlike many other celebrities. However he does have a Twitter account but this is simply to follow news and people who the actor finds funny.

Although he doesn’t use social media, he did state in the interview that when preparing for the role he was inspired by creators on YouTube.

But the actor expressed that the “hustle culture” of content creation in his opinion is “not conducive to good mental health I would argue.”

Adding to this statement he mentioned about the pressure creators have to keep creating new content and due to the pressure the creators will become ‘less authentic’ as they may have to create content that can be more ‘mass produced’. 


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