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Angry Birds Creator Sues ‘Angry Birdz’ Restaurant



? Rovio Entertainment/Google/unCrazed Composite

The mobile game that has over 4 billion downloads, Angry Birds, has sued a Los Angeles restaurant for stealing their logo and name. 

In a new lawsuit against the L.A. based food joint, Rovio Entertainment is suing David and Mary Mkhitaryan for allegedly using their extremely popular name and logo.

According to Rovio, they sent a cease and desist letter in February but since no response or action has been made, they are now suing for trademark infringement.

The similarities between the original logo created by Rovio and the restaurants version are uncanny, and in legal terms, Rovio are saying the use of their logo and name was intended to make profit from the mobile games fame and confused customers into believing there was some form of affiliation between Angry Birds and Angry Birdz.


Rovio has sued for unspecified damages, plus they are demanding a cut of any profits made by the restaurant while using the name and logo.

The second instalment of the Angry Birds movie is due to be released in August of this year, titled The Angry Birds Movie 2 with the cast including Nicki Minaj, Dove Cameron, Pete Davidson and Peter Dinklage.

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