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Anna Faris Was Close To Death After Carbon Monoxide Leak



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Anna Faris is “lucky to be alive” after carbon monoxide leak in a rental property. 

The 43-year-old actress was vacating in Lake Tahoe when two of her holiday guests were hospitalised.

She wrote on social media, “I’m not sure how to express gratitude to the north Lake Tahoe fire department- we were saved from carbon monoxide- it’s a stupidly dramatic story but I’m feeling very fortunate,”

According to a source, carbon monoxide alarms weren’t installed in the house rented for the holiday. First responders say the guests and her family are “lucky to be alive.”

Mike Schwartz, fire chief for the North Tahoe Fire Department said, “Situational awareness is so important. Whether you are at home or travelling, it is important to ensure that smoke and CO alarms are in working order anywhere you stay. It’s not a bad idea to consider bringing your own alarm when you travel, just to be safe.”

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