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Anthony Joshua Responds To Tyson Fury Offer To Train Him



Anthony Joshua has responded to Tyson Fury’s recent offer to train him.

Fury made the offer in conversation with talkSport ahead of his own fight against Deontay Wilder. The Gypsy King went on to claim victory over the Bronze Bomber, retaining his WBC belt.

Joshua recently lost his heavyweight titles to Ukrainian fighter, Oleksandr Usyk.

Expressing his sympathy over his loss, Fury said: “I believe that if I trained Anthony Joshua for the fight with Usyk, then he’d definitely win the fight.”


“I’m offering my services to him – for me to train him for his rematch. And I guarantee he would win.” He added, “I’d get him to fight like a big man.”

Asked about Fury’s offer on iFL TV, Joshua seemed open-minded about the prospect.

“Yeah lovely mate, if he takes no money for it,” he laughed. “I don’t know if he’s after a quid or two.”

“He’s more than welcome to come through the door. No, he can even spar with me as well. You know what I mean? I need a coach that’s lived it, breathed it, so it’ll be perfect.” He joked, “That’ll be the easiest way to get him in the ring. I’ll set up a camera, Eddie will be there as well with a few cameras running on Facebook or YouTube.”


“But honestly, I’m soaking in boxing knowledge,” Said Joshua. “As I said, I see pictures with like uh Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Archie Moore, Muhammad Ali – all sitting together. They’d be in each other’s training camps.”

“If Tyson could come and watch me train – 100%. Sparring ain’t fighting, is it? So you can definitely come and he’s more than welcome to step into the gym and give me some tips and sh** like that.” He added, “I ain’t fighting him next anyways, so ain’t got nothing to worry about.”

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