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Ariana Grande Rescues Pups & Names Them After Harry Potter Characters



📷 Instagram/Ariana Grande/unCrazed Composite

Ariana Grande has rescued two new puppies and has named them after Harry Potter characters. 

The 7 Rings singer revealed on social media that she has rescued the two puppies and named them after the most magical couple, ever.

Both pups wearing hoodies in a snap posted on her story, she confirmed their names are Snape and Lily.

In case you haven’t followed the Harry Potter franchise, both of Harry’s parents are called James and Lily, who were madly in love… but the story unfolded when it’s revealed that Snape also loved Harry’s mother.

Throughout the films, Snape was dished out as the bad guy, but in the end, before his extremely sad departure from the wizarding world, viewers, along with Harry, find out that Snape actually loved Potter’s mother and cared about her deeply.


📷 Instagram/Ariana Grande

Snape may have never had the chance to properly care for Harry’s mother, but Ariana is making sure the ending we all would have enjoyed is finally met.

Ariana has another dog, Toulouse, that appeared on the front cover of Vogue magazine, with the singer saying, “Thanks for allowing me to be in the background of Toulouse’s first Vogue cover.”

It’s unconfirmed if the doggos will be attending Hogwarts.

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