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Ariana Grande Seemingly Throws Shade At Ex Pete Davidson




Ariana Grande has potentially thrown some shade at her ex Pete Davidson in a new song, positions.

The 27-year-old Rain On Me singer released her new song on Friday, October 23, called positions, and the lyrics were analysed by fans of the Nickelodeon actress.

Reading through social media, you can find responses to the opening lyrics, I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history, which looking at them seem fairly typical, but the way she sings the lyrics change the meaning completely.

One user wrote on Twitter, “wait wait wait. did Ariana say ‘I’m just hopin’ I don’t re…PETE history SHADY B****” with another saying, “Well [I don’t know] if this is obvious but … when Ariana says ‘Heaven sent you to me I’m just hopin’ I don’t re-PEAT history’ PEAT = PETE, and in Pete Davidson song she says ‘Fell from the sky into my lap’ soo yeah kinda relates I guess,”


Thoughts? Has the singer thrown shade at Davidson?

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