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Ariana Grande Sued Over Instagram Post



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Ariana Grande has been sued over an Instagram post that contained a copyrighted photograph. 

According to legal documents submitted to a court, Robert Barbera, a photographer, claimed he took a photograph of Ariana on the day her album, Sweetener, came out in August 2018.

He claims she used it, without permission or credit, to promote her new album via an Instagram post, that received over 3 million likes, which has since been deleted — further claiming the photo copyright information was “intentionally removed” when she posted it.

The image in question was posted on August 17, 2018, with the caption, “happy sweetener day.” — where Ariana is holding a clear, limited edition, Hermès bag; created over two decades ago in memory of the 1995 Paris bombing where eight people lost their lives. She had the vintage tote customised with Sweetener written on the side, something that sources claim was gifted to her.