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Azealia Banks & Aimee Song Release Message Screenshots From Private Feud




Azealia Banks and Aimee Song are in the middle of an online feud and the pair are releasing the receipts.

The 29-year-old 212 rapper Banks has been accused of “fat-shaming” Summertime Sadness singer Lana Del Rey and Song wanted to make her thoughts on the matter heard.

Writing on Instagram in a series of Story posts, the fashion blogger said, “I don’t really call people out publicly or cancel anyone but when I saw that this woman [was] was fat-shaming Lana Del Rey, I decided I’d message her directly.”

Attached to the caption of her social media post was a screenshot from private DMs sent between Azealia and Aimee, which shows the blogger write to the rapper, “Azealia, fashion size u say, but which fashion house is embracing you? Been a fan of your one-hit-wonder but don’t appreciate you, fat-shaming people. I hope you can work on your inner hate. You will no longer be known as Azealia, the talented music artist but that one sour woman who always talks s***.”


In response, Banks says, “Who needs the approval of white f*****s when you ARE the moment honey. I get embraced by fashion houses EVERY DAY. People sending me stuff ALL THE TIME. My music is on the runway EVERY SEASON. The reason I don’t f*** with fashion is because it’s full of fat/ugly/crippled people being used as props and dumb white women trying to pass it off as diversity. You are literally a first-generation Chinese d**e who knows nothing about what it means to really be an icon. I actually have zero clue who you are, but you know me. Let’s start there.”

Song further captions her screenshot with, “Also, nothing wrong with a Chinese d**e but I’m Korean,” – the feud continues, and it runs for several more rounds of back-and-forth messages before Azealia posts a statement that reads, “So if the Internet is a shop window or a storefront, people like Aimee are the equivalent of the shopgirl who works in the store.

But social media has amplified and rewarded them for their nonthreatening service with a smile, and their utterly sanded down corporate HR personas-call it what you will, people enjoy soft colours and retouched faces, cosy cute cappuccinos and noncompetitive average intellects.

Aimee is a paid brand ambassador, she wears labels to drive lifestyle sales to the type of depressed housewives who aspire to be just as vivisected and vacant as these women. She travels the world on corporate dimes, takes selfies near and far, but knows nothing about culture and contributes nothing original or interesting. She is missing the spark. Like a human pashmina. She’s an automaton. A voluntary cyborg. -Fin.”


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