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Bam Margera Returned To Rehab For Alcohol Abuse?



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Bam Margera hasn’t returned to rehab for alcohol abuse, despite a source trying to sell a story to us. 

In a recent email sent to unCrazed, a source has attempted to place a false claim into the media by stating Bam returned to rehab yesterday.

Usually in our Busting the Headlines column, we cover headlines that have made it to print by other tabloids, but in this case as we have been directly contacted by a suspicious source, we are putting the message out there; Bam isn’t in rehab, and there is no necessity for him to be in rehab.

Our sources familiar with Bam’s situation tell us there isn’t “a Bam-thing to worry about,” a clever play on words.


Yesterday, he posted several videos and photographs on his social media, including a skateboarding competition down a long stretch of road that saw his friend fall and almost colliding with a car.


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On that note, in recent stints to rehab, Bam has publicly announced his choice to enter into a treatment facility which suggests if he were to seek assistance for any alleged alcohol abuse, he would provide an update to his fanbase.

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