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Becky G Drops $105 Million Legal Battle



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Becky G has dropped all claims against CORE Nutrition.

According to legal documentation, Rebecca Marie Gomez (Becky G), the DOLLAR singer has informed the court that she is dropping all claims.

The 21-year-old sued CORE Nutrition, a water company, in November, also slamming Dr. Luke, a music producer, but she didn’t name him as a defendant.

Keurig Dr Pepper, the parent company of Dr Pepper, was in the process of purchasing CORE Nutrition for $525 million — a company that Dr. Luke has ownership in, and also worked with Becky in her music career.


The lawsuit originally submitted by Becky claimed that she promote CORE on social media and within her music videos but believed that Dr. Luke would ruin her career if she refused, and instead of declining the product placement, she went along with it out of fear.

According to Becky, she realised she was a “walking, talking, and singing billboard to turn its irrelevant water brand into a hip and culturally relevant water company.”

She further claimed that a promise of 50,000 shares in the company would be granted if she were to promote CORE Nutrition, which could equal $105 million, but claims the organisation were trying to screw her over — with CORE denying all allegations of wrongdoing.

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