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Ben Simmons Sneaks Out Of Hotel To Avoid Philly Fans




Ben Simmons ducks seeing fans of his former team by exiting his hotel from the side as opposed to the front.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded wantaway Simmons back in February, allowing them to acquire James Harden.

Simmons joined his new side, the Brooklyn Nets, in Philedelphia to take on the 76ers.

But the reception was hostile to say the least, as Fox 29 Philadelphia reporter Chris O’Connell shared a video to Twitter that shows Simmons getting on the team bus as shouts from home fans are heard.


In a reply to a tweet, O’Connell added that Simmons “left out a side hotel service entrance.”

“Everything other teammate walked past all the fans out of the front door. Some even signed autographs,” he adds.

But Simmons had the last laugh in the end, as the Nets beat the 76ers 100-129 on the night.


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