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Ben Simmons Thrown Out Of Practice And Suspended By 76ers



Ben Simmons has been suspended for one game by the Philadelphia 76ers after being thrown out of practice by head coach Doc Rivers.

According to ESPN, Simmons was kicked out of practice on Tuesday after refusing to be subbed into a defensive drill. Simmons attendance at the practice was unexpected as he missed the pre-season in an attempt to force the team to trade him.

“I just thought he was a distraction today,” Rivers stated following the practice. “I didn’t think he wanted to do what everybody else was doing. It was early. It wasn’t a big deal. I just told him he should leave. We went on with practice.”

Simmons has already been fined almost $1.4 million after missing four pre-season games and multiple meetings and practices.


Sixers star centre Joel Embiid wasn’t shy in his opinion over the situation with Simmons.

“At this point, I don’t care about that man,” said Embiid. “He does whatever he wants. That’s not my job. I’m only focused on trying to make the team better, win some games, play hard every night, try to lead the guys we have here.”

“I’m sure they feel the same way because our chemistry has been excellent despite everything that’s been happening the past few months.”

The Sixers are due to play their opening season game in New Orleans on Wednesday.


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