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Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Married In Backyard Wedding?



? © Filmspiegel/ Composite

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are married and tied the knot in Brad’s Los Angeles backyard, according to In Touch

The news comes as a surprise, but even more surprising is we’re here to bust this headline and say it’s completely untrue.

Now, this headline is a year old now, but the point is, false news can quickly spread and is very easily digested by readers, particularly when content is discovered via social media.

In Touch made the claim a year ago, saying that even George Clooney was “best man” and the wedding was attended by his six-children. Citing a source that probably doesn’t exist, and even to this day neither Jennifer or Brad confirmed the news — nor do they get spotted together, or wear rings to remotely resemble marriage.


The outlet often fabricates stories simply for magazine buyers to lap up the lies, but false news will always be an issue… so we are going to always report the facts and expose the fake-news makers.

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