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Brad Pitt Reopening Historic French Recording Studio




Brad Pitt and French composer Damien Quintard have teamed up to renovate and reopen a historic recording studio in Paris.

Pitt, who bought Miraval Studios in 2012, has announced that the recording studio will reopen and begin hosting recording sessions in summer of 2022.

The studio has famously been used in the past by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Cure, AC/DC, Sade and Courtney Love.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Quintard, who is helping Pitt renovate the studio, said: “He [Pitt] came to my studio in Paris. It was a fantastic meeting. We talked for hours and hours. He talked to me about his plans for Miraval.


“I was obviously super excited, because as a Frenchman and a music lover, one of the Holy Grails is Miraval. I went over there, did my design for the space. We clicked on that side, and we moved forward,” he added.

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