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Busting the Headlines

Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Wear A Hat Due To Hair-Loss Fear



? ©Ian Smith/unCrazed Composite

Busting the headlines is back for a special addition… is Bradley Cooper wearing hats due to his fear of hair-loss?

Short answer… no. In fact, that is just the overall answer.

Star published a headline that reads Shallow Bradley’s Hair-Y Situation! — what does that even mean? An alleged source (obviously made-up, or terribly inaccurate) told the magazine, “He’s self-conscious and wears hats when he goes out because he doesn’t want anyone to notice,”

They go on to say that his bald spot is “barely the size of a pea” but still freaks out over the appearance of his hair. The ‘insider’ said that Bradley wants to “get hair plugs before he loses any more” — adding, “Male pattern baldness is totally natural, but Bradley will spend any amount of money to get his thick hair back.”


Basically, on the occasion, he was seen wearing a baseball cap in recent months, so the headline was fabricated-up in an effort to try and capture some financial income to draw readers in with a completely bogus story.

Not surprisingly, he has also been seen without a baseball cap whilst out in public.

In summary, it’s a false story and Bradley isn’t worried about hair loss.