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Brian Banks Denies Sexual Assault Allegations



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Former NFL player, Brian Banks, has denied claims a sexual encounter with a maid was non-consensual. 

A woman by the name of Lidija Jovanovic claims Brian masturbated in front of her and offered to pay her for sex on Monday, February 12, 2018 — she would have entered into his apartment to clean as part of her job description.

According to the legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, Brian is adamant her claim is factually incorrect and furthers his innocence by saying he told Lidija about security cameras in his apartment, particularly in the living room area.

Brian fully explains his reasoning for even mentioning the cameras to Lidija, “I usually explain to people why I have cameras in my home. In 2002, I was falsely accused of rape and kidnapping when I was in high school, after a consensual sexual encounter.


After pleading no contest to a crime I did not commit and serving six years in prison, I was fully exonerated in May 2012 when my accuser recanted her fabricated claim against me. Thus, contrary to the defamatory allegations in the complaint filed in this proceeding, I am not a ‘former felon’.”

He goes on to say, “After she was done cleaning, Ms. Jovanovic came to sit by me on the couch. I told Ms. Jovanovic that I had cameras in my apartment. In fact, I showed them to her.

As a result, she was aware that she was being filmed during the entirety of our brief consensual sexual interaction. When she left later that day, she told me, ‘Enjoy your video.’ She also sent me a text message at a later date in which she again told me to enjoy the video.”

Brian also counteracts her claim that he offered her money in exchange for sex, “Ms. Jovanovic insinuated that I should pay her for sexual intercourse but I declined and explained that I do not pay women for sex. I believe she may have been upset that I turned down her suggestion that I pay her for sex.”


Shortly after the claimed incident took place, they went to an ATM to pay her for cleaning his apartment, saying, “I paid her ninety dollars, she seemed disappointed, presumably because I did not pay her additional money for any sex acts.”

Before filing a lawsuit again Brian, Lidija reported the alleged incident to the Los Angeles Police Department, but after reviewing the footage, they declined to pursue the case — and according to Andrew Brettler, Brian’s attorney, the same footage has been shown to Lidija’s legal team, but they are refusing the dismiss the case.

They are seeking $22,505 in sanctions for the lawsuit and “later advocating the factually frivolous claims contained therein despite having actual knowledge of evidence contradicting those claims.”

We are told the hearing will be scheduled for next month.


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