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Britney Spears Earned Over $2.5 Million In 2018



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Britney Spears made a huge earning in 2018 raking in millions despite speculation that she suffered an emotional breakdown. 

In financial documentation, seen by unCrazed, filed as part of Britney’s conservatorship case, her annual accounting was brought into the picture of all money going in and out of her account.

Her Piece of Me tour, that ran from July through to October, supported a healthy account balance, placing her total assets at the end of 2018 at $59,079,755.76.

After all of her expenses, her account sits at over $2.5 million ahead of her end of 2017 finances.


Britney also has a favourite store to shop at, that being Target, adding a total of $400,000 in expenses at the store and other similar destinations including Ralphs and Home Depot.

The documents show over 80 trips to Target throughout 2018, and fans of the Toxic singer know she loves a deal with multiple sightings appearing on social media from avid followers showing her leaving the store.

In terms of travel, Britney spent over $70,000 on travelling last year, including a 4-night stay at the Beverly Hills Montage in November that drained her account of over $16,000.

Jamie Spears, her father, collected $128,000 and other payments were made to her conservators and case management advisors equating to $1 million.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small percentage?

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