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Brooke Houts Spits On & Hits Dog In YouTube Video



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YouTuber Brooke Houts has come under scrutiny after a video surfaced of her hitting, spitting and pinning her Doberman dog on the floor. 

In a video that many believe was accidentally uploaded on her YouTube channel, her actions were deemed overly aggressive and disturbing to viewers.

Brooke shared the video on August 5, 2019, which shows the 20-year-old trying to film a prank on her dog, Sphinx, where she hoped her pet would walk be surprised by clingfilm covering the doorway, and wanted to capture the reaction.

The video, now reshared and uploaded on social media, has been viewed by over 2.9 million on Twitter alone, and it shows the YouTube star pinning her Doberman to the floor and shouting towards the dogs head before spitting in the direction of her pet.


Her accidentally uploaded video has since been removed from her channel and replaced by the originally intended footage. Many have called for her channel, with over 300,000 subscribers, to be suspended, and animal welfare to be informed.



Other YouTubers have commented on the incident that involves Brooke, with Brennen Taylor saying, “That girl who abused and spit on her dog, follows me. Disgusting. Take that animal away and she’s totally trying to play the victim card even when she says she isn’t. To hit and spit on your furry friends is absolutely abominable. Get some help you psychopath.”

Logan Paul gave his comment on social media, saying, “I try my best to avoid slamming people on Twitter because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end (and rightfully so), but this video of that girl hitting & spitting on her dog is remarkably grotesque, and irks me for many reasons.

I’m terrified by the on-camera personality shift she puts on when she’s “performing” … one thing I’ve always tried to do is be authentic, sometimes too authentic, and I’d bet an unhealthy amount of creators wear a mask just as ugly.

Discipline your animals should they misbehave. I get it. But despite the hitting, the spitting is totally unwarranted, inappropriate, and vile display of energy that makes this woman completely unfit to own that dog.


Somehow, even after this b******, the animal still shows her unconditional love… [because] he doesn’t know any better. I’ve said this on the podcast [Impaulsive] before, humans don’t deserve dogs,”

Brooke has made a public statement which reads, “To everyone who has been commenting on my social media as of recently. Anything I said isn’t going to make those who believe I’m a bad person stop believing that, and I’m aware of this. I apologise to anyone who has been affected negatively by the footage.

First off, I want to address the uncut footage. On the day in particular that the video was filmed, and actually this past week, things in my outside life have been less than exceptional.

I am not going to play the “victim card” or anything of that sort, but I do want to point out that I am rarely as upset as what was shown in the footage. The bubbly, happy-go-lucky Brooke that you often see in my videos is typically an accurate representation of me, but it’s obvious that I’m playing up my mood in this video when I’m clearly actually frustrated.


That being said, this does NOT justify me yelling at my dog in the way that I did, and I’m fully aware of that. Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No. Should I have raised my voice and yellow at him? No. However, when my 75 lb. Doberman is jumping up in my face with his mouth open, I do, as a dog parent, have to show him that this behaviour is unacceptable.

But I want to make it known, REGARDLESS of what my dog does, I should not have acted that way towards him. I want to clarify that I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who has witnessed or heard true animal abuse will be able to clearly see that.

My dog, in no way, shape, or form was hurt by any action that I displayed in this video. I know people are going to say “you don’t know how he really feels” and this is true. But if he was audibly and physically in pain, it would be a different story. I also did NOT spit on my dog, but I understand how it could look like I did. Did I get in his face and take unnecessary actions towards him? Yes I did, and that was not the way I should’ve handled the situation. Did I spit on my dog? No.

My family and I are in the process of getting him training. The training that I have been looking at for him is VERY expensive because it’d have to be 1-on-1 with a trainer. Ever since he was attacked at the dog park, he isn’t okay with being around other dogs. He sticks to me like velcro if he is in the presence of another dog, even a little chihuahua. I just can’t see him getting what he needs from a group training environment. That being said, I know I personally can learn more effective techniques to get his energy out and keep him disciplined as well.


Anyone who knows me personally knows I have an immense love for animals, including my own. I would never do anything to purposefully physically or mentally harm any animal. Again, I should NOT have yelled at him or have been as physically aggressive as I was, and I’m fully aware of that. He was not hurt, nor has he ever been purposefully hurt by me. I know I’ll be in many future situations where he’s being physical, but I will not respond this way again.

Family or friends that have spent any amount of time with Sphinx and me know that we have a trusting, loving relationship. All he wants to do is be by my side, cuddle with me, and be around me, which I love. My love for him is exponential and infinite, and I do everything I can in my day-to-day life to ensure that he is living as happily as he can. I’m sorry that my actions in that particular moment did not reflect that.”


Brooke has since made her Instagram account completely private.

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