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Carole Baskin Claims ‘Tiger King 2’ Producers Duped Her




Carole Baskin has claimed that Netflix producers duped her, so that they could use footage of her in Tiger King 2.

Speaking to TMZ, Baskin, who launched a lawsuit against the streaming giant earlier this month, has said producers “duped” her by not mentioning anything about a sequel to the original Tiger King in her contract.

“The release specifically said a motion picture (film). It didn’t include sequels or any language indicting that they could do a sequel,” she said.

Baskin added that the lawsuit she launched against Netflix, was only to get footage of her removed from Tiger King 2.


“The only thing we were asking them to do was remove footage of me. We are not trying to stop people from seeing Tiger King,” she said.

Tiger King 2 is available to stream now on Netflix.

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