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Cate Blanchett Talks To Porter Magazine




Cate Blanchett spoke to Porter magazine about overcoming parenting challenges, why she’s not interested in ‘winning’ the scene, the environment and why we all have to vote.

Blanchett is one of Hollywood most successful actresses, starring in films like Blue Jasmin, Ocean’s 8 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Her next project is Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up which is about “two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.”


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Blanchett has often been vocal about her feelings towards the environmental crisis. “Everyone is trying to be positive, talking about 1.5 degrees of global warming,” she says.

“But 1.5 would still be disastrous. We need to be fucking scared… and demand change; be collectively courageous enough to face that fear and do something about it.”

She also spoke about politics “That’s why people have to vote,” she fires back. “And exercise their power. I’m sounding like I’m on a soapbox, which I’m not interested in, but it’s important to not give in. I’m not giving up hope.”


“As I say to my kids [on climate change], if we’re going out, how do we choose to go out? It’s a terrible conversation to have with your 13-year-old, isn’t it?”

The wardrobe in the feature was mostly muted monochrome outfits, including multiple items from The Row, Versace and Bottega Veneta.

Blanchett goes on to say “I’m very sad about the loss of genuine debate,” she says, “where leaders, public intellectuals and everyday citizens try to find common ground, try to understand the issue, rather than try to win…”

“Even in acting, people talk about [how] to ‘win’ the scene. No, we have to make the scene come alive. And we might have to lose a bit here, win a bit there.”


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