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Celine Dion Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Losing Lawsuit With Agent




Celine Dion has released a statement after losing her lawsuit with an agent.

The 52-year-old My Heart Will Go On singer lost her lawsuit battle with a former talent agency, ICM Partners that claimed she owes commissions to them and partner Rob Prinz for a concert deal with AEG.

The California Labor Commission ruled that Dion must pay all commissions on the deal – reaching a value of $500 million – the lawsuit began in 2019 following unpaid commissions.

In the ruling, it states “that ICM Partners is due 1.5% of the gross compensation earned or received from all Las Vegas residency performances, 3% of all touring performances and 1.5% from performances in her home province of Quebec.”


Responding to the loss, Celine says, “I have paid Mr. Prinz many millions of dollars over the years. And when this all started, my team made an extremely generous offer to pay him and ICM many more millions for years to come, even though our old agreements were over and we had not made a new one. I’m not saying that Mr. Prinz did not do anything, but he’s taking much more credit for my career than he deserves. Mr. Prinz had never asked to be paid for 10 years for a few months’ work, and I never agreed to it.”

Furthering her response, she added, “When Rene was alive, he took care of my business and was always very fair with the people we worked with, and he taught me to be the same. Because he wasn’t here to stand up for me at the hearing, I feel like Mr. Prinz and ICM took advantage with their demands for money and revealing confidential information about my AEG deal. I feel betrayed.”

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